Elizabeth R.
Submitted 07/28/21
This place is excellent. They have a Walk-In service, no long wait, Pharmacy on site, very low prices.

Kareem S.
Submitted 06/20/21
Anca is an amazing provider. She is so intelligent and compassionate. I highly recommend her. She is great

Kareem S.
Submitted 04/19/21
Anca is a wonderful provider. I feel very comfortable speaking with her. She is very compassionate and intelligent and ensures I get the necessary care I need fast.

Zoila S.
Submitted 03/02/20
It was fast and thorough. I feel comfortable with their service.

Marilyn P.
Submitted 02/27/20
The staff at this clinic are amazing. They are so nice to me. They wished me a happy birthday and helped me out to feel better. Best experience from them!

Sarai P.
Submitted 02/09/20
I love the staff they are so friendly and kind I am so grateful that I have a good PCP and NP thank you

Sarai P.
Submitted 02/09/20
Great service every time I come in to give updates from other appointments